What does it mean for an congregation or organization to join MAICCA?

By joining MAICCA, a congregation or organization agrees to support MAICCA's mission to work for timely, high-impact changes in laws and systems in Massachusetts, while building interfaith leadership and momentum for climate justice. The specific commitment is to

  • Identify a member of the organization/congregation as a MAICCA liaison, who shares and promotes MAICCA’s events and actions with their congregation and reports back ideas, concerns, and questions to the MAICCA’s Leadership Circle;
  • Inform and educate members of the organization about MAICCA legislative goals and activities;
  • Recruit participants for MAICCA activities and events (e.g. workshops, forums, lobby days, call-ins);
  • Help spread the word about MAICCA goals and activities to other congregations and organizations.
  • There is currently no fee associated with MAICCA membership.


What should members expect from MAICCA?

MAICCA is committed to securing a clean and just energy future through public campaigns, congregational organizing and other actions. The current focus of MAICCA is on the legislative priorities that we are committed to pursuing for this 2015-2016 legislative session. To advance these priorities, MAICCA leadership provides:

  • Support and facilitation for members who are meeting with legislators (including talking points for legislator meetings),
  • Forums to provide information and background on energy policy,
  • Organized lobby days,
  • Periodic email updates with information about our campaign and other climate-related events hosted or sponsored by MAICCA members.


What does my organization need to do to become a member of MAICCA?

We have found that every group has its own process for committing to membership or sponsorship. Some congregations have governing boards that make these decisions; some congregations rely on clergy for such decisions. Other groups require a consensus through discussion or voting. Once a group has decided to become a member of MAICCA, a representative of the group should fill out our membership form.


Is MAICCA membership open to environmental advocacy organizations that are not faith-based?

MAICCA is an interfaith coalition focused on climate change, seeking to provide a means for religious and spiritual organizations to come together for collective action. MAICCA is an active member of Mass Power Forward, a campaign coalition composed of more than 140 groups, including numerous environmental organizations. We welcome affiliations and partnerships with non-faith based environmental, climate, and human rights groups, but because MAICCA is an interfaith coalition, we encourage only individuals and groups that identify themselves as faith-based, broadly defined, to become members.


Is MAICCA membership open to individuals?

MAICCA welcomes everyone who would like to be part of our work. This includes people with a religious tradition who are not affiliated with a congregation; atheists, humanists,and people who are members of environmental/social advocacy organizations. The best way to affiliate yourself with MAICCA as an individual is to subscribe to our email updates and support the campaigns.